This spring at Atelier Nord

Foto: Ingvild Danielsen

2019 will mark a revitalisation of vision, content and goals for Atelier Nord. Changes will be occurring throughout the year, and some are already underway; a simple series of publication will follow our gallery shows, beginning this January with Pearla Pigaos Modes to Moods including an essay by Line Ulekleiv. We will be leaving the name Atelier Nord ANX behind, and going forward both our organisation and gallery space will be named Atelier Nord. A new website and visual identity are being developed.

In addition to our exhibition programme we are arranging a workshop series on topics such as field recordings, audio for gallery spaces and software. Our spring programme also includes collaborations with Oslo International Teater Festival and The Dream that Kicks.

– The team at Atelier Nord – Ida, Joakim og Nicholas – wish you all a happy new year!

Pearla Pigao: Modes to Moods 
25.01 – 24.02.19
Opening and concert with Pow Pow, 24.01.19

Oslo Open: artists with studios in the studio building Olaf Ryes plass 2
27.04 – 28.04.19
Opening 26.04.19

Victoria Durnak: Familearkitekten
17.05 – 16.06.19
Opening 16.05.19

#1Lydarbeid i visningsrom v/ Jørgen Larsson

#2 Collected Sound Fragments for an Imaginary Landscape v/ Nils Meisel & Pedro André
19.03 – 21.03.19

#3 Unreal Engine 4 v/ Christian Bøen
26.03. – 28.03.19

Workshop series developed in collaboration with PNEK

Øvrige arrangementer
Spreafico Eckly & Matteo Fargion: we have to dress gorgeously 
12.03. – 13.03.19
The performance is part of  Oslo International Teater Festival and a collaboration between Black Box and Atelier Nord

Takashi Makino: Cinéma Concrete
23.03. – 24.03.19

The Tables Turn: Roar Sletteland/ Karen Eide Bøen

04.05 – 05.05.19
A choreography for a dancer and four turntables

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