CANCELLED: Ove Alexander Jamt Dahl «Roadmapped»

Ove Alexander Jamt Dahl "Roadmapped"

Atelier Nord ANX, Olaf Ryes plass 2 (entrance Sofienberggata).
09.03 – 24.03.18
Thursday and Friday 15-18, Saturday and Sunday 13-18.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel Ove Alexander Jamt Dahls exhibition «Roadmapped» because of illness.

Please join us for the exhibition opening on Thursday 08.03.18 from 7PM

The exhibtion Roadmapped consists of a series of mapping projections byOve Alexander Jamt Dahl, realised in collaboration with students from the art, design and architecture program at Elvebakken Secondary School where Dahl works as a teacher. «Mapping» is a technique which allows video images to be constrained or adapted to certain proportions or areas of a projection – allowing for projections that act as surface textures on three-dimensional objects.

The 12 works in the exhibition were originally created in 2013, a work a day during a 12 day drive from Oslo to Stavanger. Each work was spontaneously created in locations discovered by Dahl along the route – with works including a self-portrait in a buss stopp, a series of glowing sticks on a beach, and a fish along the waterline below a bridge. For Dahl, the project was an opportunity to explore mapping as a site-specific prosess were placement and formal development had to occur quickly. Nothing about the work was preplanned and digital material and animations were produced on the spot.

This will be the first time these works are shown in a gallery setting. Each work has been specially adapted for Atelier Nord ANX, by recreating the original projection surfaces in kappa.

The students from Elvebakken participated in a short workshop with Dahl were they build sculptural objects for the exhibition. They also received an introduction to video mapping techniques from Dahl.

Ove Alexander Jamt Dahl is an artist living in Oslo, working with video installations and stage productions. His projects include the sound- and video installation Vevd at Fossekleiva Culture Center in Drammen (2016), the mapping projection  Ascent/Descent in Svelvik church (2015) and the exhibition Walled at Atelier Nord ANX (2013). In 2017 Dahl was awarded the Hedda prize for best audio-visual work with the video design for the stage production Rekyl.Participating students from the art, design and architecture program at Elvebakken Secondary School:Benjamin Hokstad VollanMarlon UlvenMax Emanuel Johnsen EngebrigstenKaroline Shayapon OddeneSigne MehlumClarice De Sousa Monteiro

Roadmapped is supported by Arts Council Norway and Elvebakken Secondary School.